Frequently Asked Questions

Asking the right question is essential, this way you can find the most perfect wedding, portrait, family and pet photographer to suit you.

If you are approaching a different company, to compare each accurately it is important to ask the same questions so that you get a feel for the alternative services that may be provided.

We has put together some questions that you should always ask your photographer, below, along with some answers relating to Essex Photography. If you need to ask her directly and cannot find an answer here, please email.

Can I See Your Recent Work?

You can see any of our recent photo shoot work on the website. She uploads it there for clients to login with a unique user name and password, but you can easily see her style from the images that are accessible to everyone.

How would you define your photography style?

The style of imagery is usually in an almost reportage (journalist) type style. This mostly achieves a contemporary look that she combines with fashion and object inspired focus that provides a final mix that you and your guests will all want to display in your homes.

I have specific ideas; will you help me achieve the photos I want?

Alison works very closely with all of her clients, whether you are hiring her for an hours worth of shooting or a few days she will listen to your ideas with a view to incorporating them into her ‘reportage’ style.

Are you fully insured?

Yes. With full Public Liability insurance and Private Indemnity so that all of the equipment is covered in the event of loss, damage or theft.

What will happen if your camera has a fault or gets broken before pictures are taken?

We always carries back up cameras, this is vital when you rely on a professional service. She has a huge range of highly graded cameras and equipment that she relies on regularly, so if one develops a fault there will be another in its place promptly.

Is there a chance our images will be lost?

Essex Photography work hard to ensure that files are instantly backed up and that copies of your images are stored off-site. In the event of fire, flood or theft at the property your images are secure. In the unlikely event that any of your images are lost, We are fully insured with the relevant cover and will do her best to recreate those pictures at a time that suits you.

What if it rains when we plan to take outdoor photos?

We always have a backup plan. She will discuss and plan with you should the British weather not be as beautiful as you wish. Besides from getting a little wet, you can rest assured that Plan B will be put into place and that your indoor images will be just as beautiful as you imagine. That said, sometimes rain can throw some of the most stunning images into photography and if you don’t mind a little rain then perhaps something a little different may be for you.

How long will portraits, family group pictures and pet images take?

If you are having images of specific family members on your wedding day, Essex Photography will ask you to allow a little more time to fit in with your planning schedule for the day. If you wish for special ‘couples’ or family images, the longer the session the better the results so please factor in up to 45 minutes per group.

When will I receive proofs to review, my finished wedding album and will I receive digital copies?

We will provide you with various options to buy albums, prints, canvases and digital copies (on compact disc) of your photographs so that you can make the decision that best suits your requirements, and of course your budget.

I have a clear idea of what I want; can you integrate those into your style?

We work to create an array of different styles, or can work to produce formal and professional images as well as more relaxed, natural ‘reportage’ style pictures, which are extremely popular right now.

She will work closely with you to ensure she understands your needs, please feel free to ask to see her previous collection of images – it is often easier to describe your requirements by looking at examples if you cannot easily get the ideas in your head into words!

How will you present the finished images?

There are many different styles of photography, and equally there are different styles of presentation. Essex Photography will present you with previous collections when you visit to discuss your ideas, you will then get a very good idea of how the final presentation may look. We will talk to you about group images, specific family portraits and children as well as pet photography so whether its your wedding day, a birthday party or a special get together, she will help you to capture the memories beautifully.

How do I book?

Now that you have found a photographer that suits you, has a great rapport with you and can present beautiful images that you will want to show off, call Essex Photography to discuss prices. The final cost will largely depend on the number of shots, how many pictures you wish to have, how long you wish your photographer to be in attendance (location shoots, weddings etc), and the type and style of photos and albums that will be presented.

Call today , search the photography collections on the website, or contact her using the contact form.

What if you are fully booked?

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